We’re all friends at the Fellini Kroger

fellini-kroger-pic1Have you ever been in a hodge-podge of society and thought you were the only “normal” person there? I once saw a guy at the flea market with a parrot on his head and a woman with a ferret on a leash. It’s funny and captivating – maybe even a little scary. That’s also describes the North Knoxville Kroger, affectionately known by some as the “Fellini” Kroger.

Located at 2217 N. Broadway just behind the Taco Bell and the old gas station, the Fellini Kroger got its name for Italian film director and producer Federico Fellini. Fellini is known for his bizarre characters and surreal situations.

On any given night at the Fellini Kroger you could see a fight between a midget and a one-armed man, obese albino twins with matching overalls, ladies fighting over rutabagas or a rugged construction worker with a Pomeranian dog strapped to his back. I once saw a plus-sized grandma with a blue mohawk and Z’s shaved onto the side of her head wearing baggy pants that read “Bite me” repeatedly.

Those are just some of the experiences posted by members of the Facebook group “Friends of the Fellini (North Knox) Kroger.” Facebook user Ann Kidd says she started the group simply because she lives nearby and had always heard stories about the store. The group has more than 450 members so far. “I never imagined it taking off like it has,” says Kidd. “But that just goes to show how well-known the place is and what a reputation it has.”

Group members post their experiences and photos from the infamous store. For instance, there’s a guy who says his girlfriend’s feet were worshipped by a customer while they were shopping. Another group member says the deli clerk tried to convince him the mahi-mahi was dolphin, “you know, like Flipper.” So the employees are Fellini characters as well.

People have been flashed, some characters have declared their level of stoned-ness, and others have been spotted on foot at the Taco Bell drive-through, which is easily considered Fellini-esque by association. I spotted a man buying nothing but a super-sized bottle of mouthwash to drink.

But so far the character that is ubiquitous, yet elusive, is Nipple Guy. He’s a fellow whose appearances have been documented on the Facebook group no less than three times. Nipple Guy just doesn’t seem to understand why men have nipples, and he seeks answers from Fellini Kroger patrons. Sometimes he serenades them.

It’s difficult to describe. So, take your in-laws when they come to town. Or take your girlfriend for a cheap date. There’s always something playing at the Fellini Kroger.


~ by jessiekrueger on May 5, 2009.

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